The Braves Definitely Need Some Sort of Change ASAP!

I feel like now is the time to get something done about the Braves. The past couple of weeks there has been times where I just have to turn the TV off while I am watching them play. It is sometimes just too hard to watch. The offense just CAN NOT get anything done. When I actually feel like we can win it while being down a run or two, the bullpen puts it way out of our reach or Jordan Schafer strikes out to end the inning (he has 46 strikeouts over 125 at bats!). It just seems like we need to make a trade happen ASAP (stands for “as soon as possible” for you people who don’t know) and I think I have a trade buddy for the Braves: the Cleveland Indians. The player we really need is a former Brave that plays there named Mark DeRosa.

He has power, which is what we desperately need, and he can play the outfield, which is where we need a player with power to play. He is currently the starting 3rd baseman for the Indians, but he played many games at 2nd base and in the outfield. He could even play 1st base if needed to. He is an Omar Infante with much more power essentially. Last year, he hit 21 home runs with a .285 average. Not great, but much better than any of our outfielders last year. The Indians have DeRosa available and they need pitching in return for him. Guess what we have plenty of? You got it! We have a great amount of pitching in the farm system, including many players with ML-experience. DeRosa is in the last year of his 3 year, 13 million contract and is currently 34. We could use him this year until Heyward is ready. It makes perfect sense to me. What else could make it better? He is still living in Atlanta.
I’m sure he would LOVE to play for the Braves again, and I sure as heck would love him back.
I don’t really see any other player that could be traded to the Braves right now, but it would most likely be an outfielder with power and have a decent average around .270-.300.
I’m sure Wren is killing himself for signing Garret Anderson and not Bobby Abreu or Adam Dunn. Just imagine what the Braves would have been like with one of them.
The Braves could POSSIBLY go after Ryan Ludwick if he becomes available. Nick Swisher could also be an option as well. If the Marlins start falling apart, then one of their outfielders could be traded (along with everyone that cost over 2 million).
Players that will probably have their name in trades starting now are Kelly Johnson, Martin Prado, Charlie Morton, JoJo Reyes, Jeff Francoeur (unlikely), Jeff Locke, Jeff Bennett, Matt Diaz, and many other pitchers in the minor league level.

In other news, the Mets recently lost Carlos Delgado for 10 weeks. This could be really, really good, or really, really bad. If they look for a 1st baseman in their club, it’s good. If they get Nick Johnson, Aubury Huff, or another player who is good, then it’s bad. Hopefully they stay in-club.
Javier Vazquez, Derek Lowe, and Jair Jurrjens have been absolutely brilliant so far this year. Javy is tied for 3rd with Johan Santana in the Major Leagues in Strikeouts, Jurrjens is in 4th place in the majors in ERA, and Derek Lowe is tied for 5th in the Majors in Wins. They have been incredible so far.
The Line-up NEEDS to be fixed. No more of this Garret Anderson hitting 4th. No more of this Kotchman not hitting 2nd where he was born to hit. No more of this Kelly Johnson hitting lead-off when he should be hitting 5th or 6th. And no more of Brian McCann not being in the 4th spot to protect Chipper. Come on Bobby! We are 2.5 games behind the Phillies and we need to get a roll on! Last night’s line-up was pretty good. Let’s try to keep it somewhat similar to that.

I have just moved out of Alabama recently. I now live in Naples, Florida where it’s hot or rainy all day and the Braves don’t play on local TV. I’ll just have to catch them on the internet from now on.



Darion – don’t feel bad – David Ortiz has 32 strike outs in 35 games. I hope you are getting settled into FL and sorry you can’t get the games on TV anymore.


Hey Darion, glad you’re back. I’m doing my own site now because The Launching Pad is down and my boss is MIA, it’s called Capitol Avenue Club ( When/if The Launching Pad goes back up, I intend to use Capitol Avenue Club as more of a prospects/reference site, but I’m currently doing blog posts over there. I like the DeRosa idea. The Indians didn’t give up anything to get him (3 minor league relievers who have a very slim shot at making it to the bigs, it was essentially a salary dump so the Cubs could sign Milton Bradley, who has been a joke), so I think something like Jo Jo Reyes, Luis Valdez, and Stephen Marek would be enough to get it done. I like the idea of putting DeRosa in right, DFA Francoeur, and grabbing a big bat at the deadline. One thing to consider is that DeRosa played in a pretty big hitter’s park last year. But I still love the idea. DeRosa is a consistent producer and it’s easy to get him in the line-up.

I hope you enjoy Naples. There’s a lot of minor league baseball and ST around there.

Take it easy.

The Braves also need to add some speed to the lineup. Now that Josh Anderson is in Detroit, we have none of it. We do not have a legitimate leadoff batter and i think Brian Roberts could be the guy that fixes this. He gets on base, steals, has a bit of power and has an excellent glove. Mark Derosa might bring some more power but to score runs we have to get guys on base and Brian Roberts can definitely score some runs. Trade Kelly JoJo and who knows who else and get this guy. Our offense will definitely improve.
Check out the new blog at


power hitting is going to be very hard to find right now so i have found and easier and maybe even better solution. check out the new post on my blog to see.

The Marlins have indeed started falling apart, and I’m sure you can work out a trade with them… they’re always on sale. It’s surprising to hear that Schafer is doing badly, I was really impressed with him on Opening Night. Mark DeRosa would be a perfect fit for the Braves I think.. exactly what you need. I think your starting rotation is great!

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