All-Star Help And Who You SHOULD Vote For In The NL.

The Should’s, Could’s, and Should Not’s in the NL


Should: Brian McCann.
He is hitting above .300 and has 5 home runs. That may not be very
strong numbers, but he is better than any other catcher this year. The
home runs are low this year because he went on the DL to fix his
eyesight, but he is back and even better than he was last year. He
isn’t much of a base stealer, but he has 2 stolen bases so far this
year. He also has 20 RBIs so far.
Could: Bengie Molina.
Why: Leads Catchers in RBIs and Homers, but has a mediocre .257 Batting Average.
Should Not: Geovany Soto
Why: 137 At-Bats, 2 Home Runs, 13 RBIs, and a sad .204 Average.

1st Base

Should: Albert Pujols
He is having another Pujols season and is hitting .333 with 18 Homers
and 51 RBIs. 1st base is the strongest in the NL this year with names
like Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, Joey Votto, and Prince Fielder, but
Pujols edges them out in a close race. He also has 7 stolen bases. Now
that he has just about won the Starter’s position, you probably should
vote for the back-up.
Could: Adrian Gonzlez/Prince Fielder/Joey Votto.
All 3 of them have had a great season so far. Gonzo is leading the
Majors in Home Runs, Votto has a .357 average, and Fielder is hitting
.297 with with 15 Homers and 54 RBI’s. It is a close race here, but
Adrian Gonzalez is probably the one you should since he is putting up
monster numbers with his home field a major Pitcher’s Park. You can’t
really go wrong with this pick if you pick any of the guys listed on
Should Not: Travis Ishikawa.
Why: He is hitting .261 with no power and no speed. That alone says it all.

2nd Base

Should: Chase Utley
He is hitting a strong .296 with 12 Home Runs, 5 Stolen Bases, and 38
RBIs. Those are great numbers for a position that focuses on defense.
Could: Orlando Hudson
He has been great so far this year. He is hitting .315 with 3 Homers,
33 RBIs, and 4 stolen bases. He has also helped the Dodgers have the
great record they have now.
Should Not: Kaz Matsui
He is hitting a poor .219 with 1 Home Run and only 12 RBIs in 146
At-Bats. The only good thing about him is that he has 6 stolen bases.

3rd Base

Should: Ryan Zimmerman
Even without the hit streak he had going on, Zimmerman has put up great
numbers. He is hitting .320 with 11 Home Runs and 39 RBIs for a team
that should be in AAA. The Zero Stolen bases are the only thing that
could hurt him in voting.
Could: Mark Reynolds/Chipper Jones/David Wright
Like the 1st base candidates, they are all doing great this year.
Chipper is hitting .329 with 7 Homers, Wright is hitting .345 with 14
stolen bases, and Reynolds has 14 Homers with 12 stolen bases. Wright
is usually the no-duh at this position, but he only has 3 home runs
this year. He will still be the starter nevertheless, but Zimmerman
SHOULD be the starter this year.
Should Not: Too Many Names
Why: Other than the names I mentioned, no one else has done much to be considered to the All-Star Game.


Should: Hanley Ramirez
He is Hanley Ramirez! He SHOULD be leading in votes right now, but some
people don’t know how to vote. He is hitting .332 with 8 Homers, 8
stolen bases, and 26 RBIs.
Could: Cristian Guzmán
He is one of the most underrated players in the game. He is hitting
.326 so far this season. He only has 2 Home Runs and 1 stolen base, but
he was on the DL for a bit.
Should Not: Jimmy Rollins and Rafael Furcal
Rollins is hitting .222 with 3 Homers and 18 RBIs. Those are horrible
numbers, yet he is on pace to be the starter this year. I just don’t
understand it. Furcal is also having a bad season coming off of
surgery. He is hitting .242 with 2 Homers and 12 RBIs. He also only has
3 stolen bases so far.

Should: Raul Ibanez, Carlos Beltran, and Justin Upton
Ibanez has been a moster, Beltran is hitting over .340 with 33 RBIs, 7
stolen bases, and 7 Home Runs, and Upton has turn it on and has 11
Homers, 8 stolen bases, and is hitting .320
Could: Ryan Braun, Adam Dunn, Carlos Lee, and Hunter Pence.
Why: They are all having great seasons as well, but just not as good as the 3 that should be starting.
Should Not: Manny Ramirez
Why: Do you really need a reason?


I am amazed at the number of people who have been voting for Manny! It makes a mockery of the the game.


No love for Yunel? Nab I didn’t vote for him either. I voted for everyone you suggested actually except I voted for Adrian Gonzalez and Adam Dunn.

I voted for Gonzo myself seeing as Pujols has it wrapped up. I also voted a couple of times for Adam Dunn, but I stopped after he started hitting in the .260′s or .270′s.

Great post. I would like to read your thoughts on the A.L. All-Star votes.

Your N.L picks were well informed although I voted for Chipper Jones over Zimmerman or Wright. Better average and at the time of this write up on-base percentage. And in close votes forget the numbers I go with the eye test and Chipper Jones is just money. Fights for every ab and is just a professional hitter.

The other change I had was in the outfield and its Ryan Braun over B.J. Upton. In this close vote the deciding factor for me was the second half of last season combined with the first half of this season and Braun numbers were just better.

Great insight keep up the great work

Two words- Andre Ethier! This guy is having a career year just look at his numbers!


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